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NOAA Tides and Currents: Tide Stations

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Tides and Currents website holds a wealth of information on tides, currents, and sea level trends. Data collected at tidal stations across the US coast can be viewed through this site.

For our research we have accessed data from the San Diego (Station ID: 9410170) and La Jolla (Scripps Pier, Station ID: 9410230) tide stations. These stations provide historical data on sea levels, current observations of ocean conditions including temperature, wind and tide levels, and highly accurate tidal predictions.

Observational data allow us to track trends in sea level on both short (ie. daily tide variation, storm surge) and long time (El Niño, PDO) timescales. Check out observed sea level trends for these stations, and 50 year mean sea level change trends for stations across the CA coast below:

San Diego Tide Station Sea Level Trends

La Jolla Tide Station Sea Level Trend

The utility of this publicly accessible information illustrates the importance of publicly funded science. This information can inform the actions of people in all stations of society, from citizens planning their afternoon surf or tidepooling excursion around the tides to scientists working to better understand sea level variability as a means to inform coastal development practices.

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