• Niko Kaplanis

Field Surveys: Mosaic Methods

Structure from motion (SfM) is a photogrammetric approach that produces models of 3-dimensional structures by identifying and aligning unique features within overlapping images. This novel technology is allowing us to produce highly spatially resolved 3-dimensional models of our rocky intertidal sites. Utilizing geospatial analysis software, we are analyzing these models to characterize the physical and ecological structure of these rocky intertidal areas.

The composite image below is a top-down view of one of our 12 models. This model is composed of 600,614,227 points extracted from 4113 overlapping images.

CNM Zone 2 Upper Plot

Images are collected using a camera mounted on a transect line passed over our plot. Black dots below depict all locations over the plot where images were taken. Areas with high image overlap in the target area at the center of the plot produce a highly accurate and detailed model.

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