Study Sites

The Scripps Coastal Reserve
This work is expanding to the central California Coast. Our past work has been conducted in two San Diego locations: the Scripps Coastal Reserve (SCR) and Cabrillo National Monument (CNM).
Long term monitoring has been conducted at the SCR since 1997 and at CNM since 1990. This data has been used by managers and researchers to help understand species dynamics and seasonal variability, and for identifying how local (e.g. visitor use, take of marine organisms) and global (e.g. El Niño events, sea level rise) stressors impact these systems.
Our project will complement existing study efforts by providing tools to rapidly and non-invasively gather data in these areas in the future. This work is particularly timely given the recent establishment of the MPA network (2012). Progressive monitoring and evaluation of reserve design in the context of climate change will be essential to maximizing reserve effectiveness.
Scripps Coastal Reserve
Cabrillo National Monument
Cabrillo National Monument Tide Pools

Image NPS / Dan Zeller